When Microtransit can solve the Last Mile Problem

Posted by Richard Doody on Jul 11, 2018 1:15:44 PM

The last mile problem relates to the difficulty of getting people from transport hubs, like railway and bus stations, to their homes in a timely and cost efficient manner. Simply put train lines and bus routes do not run directly to each and every persons home. If the means of getting from the transport hub to their homes are too onerous people will choose private transport. This is the last mile problem as it relates to transit agencies. In this blog we'll look at how microtransit can alleviate the last mile problem. 

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How can Microtransit increase public bus utilization?

Posted by Peter Soutter on Jul 5, 2018 2:02:36 PM

A common trend globally is the decline of bus use by the public. There are many reasons for this and nearly as many reports arguing over which factors have the most impact on ridership. Ultimately the nuances of why ridership drops are different for different cities but the main factors are common to all: 

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A.I. can debate but can it deliver for Mobility?

Posted by Brian Gallagher on Jun 29, 2018 5:14:10 PM

Big leaps in A.I are happening so fast that they are hard to keep track of. You may have heard of an A.I milestone which occurred in June when IBM’s Project Debater drew with human debaters. Or that a program built by two Carnegie Mellon researchers beat several top poker players over a 20 day contest. But why are these big events? And does this mean that A.I could really be trusted to make decisions to boost revenue in mobility solutions for the likes of car-sharing and on-demand micro-transit?

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Topics: Car Sharing, Micro Transit, Dynamic Shuttle, Demand Prediction

Using Simulators to assess On-Demand Microtransit

Posted by Richard Doody on Jun 27, 2018 2:43:40 PM

Using Simulators to assess On-Demand Microtransit

Setting up an on-demand micro-transit operation is a significant commitment of time and money so it pays to do your homework as much as possible and get On-Demand right the first time. One of the best ways to do this is with a simulation that can model various service scenarios and provide performance metrics like wait time and cost per trip for each scenario. Simulations can address the important concerns municipalities and transit agencies have when setting up and on-demand service.

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