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How can Microtransit increase public bus utilization?

Posted by Peter Soutter on Jul 5, 2018 2:02:36 PM

A common trend globally is the decline of bus use by the public. There are many reasons for this and nearly as many reports arguing over which factors have the most impact on ridership. Ultimately the nuances of why ridership drops are different for different cities but the main factors are common to all: 

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Corporate Car Sharing - it works!

Posted by Peter Soutter on Jun 29, 2018 11:16:09 AM

I vividly remember my first company-car. The fleet guy showed up with my brand new shiny Mazda 626, handed me the keys and then proceeded to talk about this feature and that feature - this button and that button. But I didn’t hear a thing - I was too busy waiting for him to go so I could take it for a spin. That ‘new-car-smell’ that I for one had never experienced before. In fact, that shiny new car was a good 10 years newer than the family car at the time. Oh and get this, I wasn’t even in Sales! Yes, this was back in the day where the company car was seen a huge perk/employee retention tool and the big push to get promoted had virtually nothing to do with the increase in responsibility and higher salary - no - it was all about that much coveted and elusive company car. It’s all me and my peers talked about!

These days of course, companies have long since cottoned on this ‘perk’ and it’s virtually unheard of in the majority of corporates today to get a company car unless you’re in Sales (or the MD!). But let’s talk about those sales people. Even the busiest - and in this sense we’ll define ‘busiest’ as those doing above average on-site customer visits - are only actually in the car about 20% of their time. And corporates can have literally hundreds of expensive vehicles sitting idle for most of the time.

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The Key to Car Sharing Success – Data Analysis

Posted by Peter Soutter on Jun 26, 2018 11:55:44 AM

The Key to Car Sharing Success – Data Analysis

You’ve got your fleet of cars, you’ve negotiated with third parties for parking spaces and you’ve spent money and time on marketing to get members, so you’re all set right? Wrong! Now you need to start analysing your data.

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